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Havells Sylvania have been developing and manufacturing innovative light sources for over 100 years.

As a pioneer on the market with more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing sun tanning lamps, the Pure Bronze brand has constantly been redeveloping and improving on its new products and technologies.

Pure Bronze sets the standard for tanning performance and long life.

Havells Sylvania is one of the few manufacturers that offer you the full spectrum of UV components from their own production.  And, the multistage testing process guarantees 100% quality assurance.  Pure Bronze also means Pure Quality.  Each of their products performs at over 70% of its output for at least 600 hours.

Our comprehensive LongLife collection even guarantees 1000 hours of service.

These top class tubes contain Pure Power technology.  By using special electrodes and an innovative lamp design, they deliver up to 30% more output than conventional tubes.

Further innovation comes with the range of 0.3 w/m2 tubes, designed to meet the new regulations perfectly, but also deliver exquisite tanning results for both direct pigmentation and gentle pigment enhancement.

Pure Bronze - The best name in tanning lamps for your salon.  Born out of a century of manufacturing expertise, with a lead of more than 25 years, these tubes are in a class of their own.

And as for further innovation,Havells Sylvania have developed a unique range of Collagen Red Light Therapy lamps in both low pressure tubes aand high pressure bulbs to meet this exciting new step forward in skin technology.  Designed to fit existing sunbeds in 100, 160 and 180 watt format, as well as 400 and 500 watt high pressure, we now have a complete range for the future.


SUNBED & LEISURE SYSTEMS (UK) LTD are pleased to be the UK Master Distributors for this very special range of tanning lamps and tubes.

Please call us now for the best prices and deals available.

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